Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter was busy busy. First we saw what the Easter Bunny left us, then we got all fancied up and off to church. After church we headed to my grandparents and had a great lunch and more egg hunting, then off to R's parents for a great dinner and more egg hunting. All in all it was a great day filled with food, fun and family.

My Family

My girls
The Easter Bunny visited

Our favorite things-squishy toys and peeps

K hunting eggs

E looks hard for the eggs

K hunting at Pawpaws and Mawmaw's

My niece K hunting her egg

E finding eggs

E helping cousin C with some eggs

My niece C with her basket

What do you do with eggs once done... Egg Throwing to the park

Walking on the wall at the park

C having fun on the slide



E hunting at Grandpas and Grandmas

K and her eggs at Grandpas and Grandmas

E tired after a long day! 

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