Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Dance Off

 Today at church we had Fun Fest. I have never been and if E wasn't performing then I honestly wouldn't have gone tonight. The place was BUSY. Last year they had 5,000+ and I am interested in what was there this year. E and K really wanted to do the trunk or treat but that line was massive and they wanted to do the petting zoo and pony rides but by the time that got set up it was time for E to go find her teacher and SHOW TIME!. We did do some of the bouncy slides/houses and look at the petting zoo animals. E has been attending a mission class on wednesday nights (dance) and tonight was their spotlight. They got to perform on the Levitt stage. (a nice outside stage where we get to go to 50 free concerts in the fall and spring) I was kinda worried about her going up there and then seeing all the people and freezing but she did great. K also did her own dancing when the other dance
     schools were on stage doing their thing and I have to say K's was a little more entertaining. Here are          some pics from today! Enjoy
K-Butterfly fairy

E getting ready to do her thing 
E had to be a WaM girl 

K wanted her hair curled today 
The TALL slide
K walking up the giant hill of steps.
This was done very well considering she
was stepping on her dress. 

K ready to go 

E's turn to climb the steps 
E on the way down.. the 1 and only time. =) 
K on the 2nd time down
Running through the course 

K was taking her time

K thinking the body squasher was interesting

K having a blast

E loved this one 
E having a great time

Hey dad lets go this way 

The petting zoo animals

The face of hope -she so wanted to go in. We should have gone back and done it.  
They had chicken, goats, donkeys, pigs, rabbits
geese, and ducks all in the same pen together

waiting for the word GO

The pigs
E's performance on stage

K's entertainment 1
K's entertainment 2

Friday, October 28, 2011


I MADE IT!!! I never thought this day would get here. This had to be the longest week of the school year. Our reg. teacher was out visiting her son so we had a sub who was just wonderful and great and worked well with my kids. I am so excited that she was available to do the job. However, the problem was, I am going to blame the weather, was the super hyperness of ALL the kids. Not just the ones that I am responsible for but all of kindergarten seemed very ready for the weekend and full of energy.

This weekend is very full as well. E has a soccer game on Saturday and the coach is going to be out so I get to coach all by myself.  I hope I have been watching well enough to understand what to tell them besides KICK THE BALL! I am glad I have a couple of dads who can help out. =) After the game Bella (the dog) has a vet appt and then on Sunday we have Church. It is that time again and the church is having their Fun Fest! I didn't go last year do to the fact that I am not a fan of large crowds (and this is LARGE). I wouldn't be going this year however, E is going to be performing the dance she has been learning on Wednesday nights. So, looks like we get stuck right in the middle of the crowd. When I was asking about it in sunday school, I was expecting numbers like 1,000-2,000 people and they kinda laughed and said No more like 5,000. NOW I AM REALLY WORRIED! I hope E doesn't look out and freeze. lol After the fun fest back home for the usual sun night stuff and then FIELD TRIP ON MONDAY!  I am not looking forward to this trip, but we will see how it goes.

Hope everyone has a nice restful weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday Fun day

Since I have been feeling a little under the weather last week I wanted to just hang at home and rest and relax and have some fun with the girls. We had a wedding to attend Saturday night and the girls got a much needed break from us and spent the night with my parents. Thanks mom and dad. The plan was to pick them up after church and bring them home however, since we got in so late Saturday and I was still exhausted from the week mom and dad brought them to me after church and I played hooky this Sunday. The girls and I haven't spent much time just hanging out. E begs me to just have her and I time after school every day. But due to the schedule of the week that just doesn't happen. Sunday I decided lets just chill! After they got home from church we did just that! A little cooking, decorating, chalking and outside playing was just what the doc ordered. We had a blast.

R's cupcake
And let the fun begin!

The girls made their monsters

E hard at work

K making sure everything is right


E is excited about the way it looks

K waiting for the word 'GO"

E calculating each candy corn

The masterpieces

E and K chalking away--but what does an elephant and gator
have to do with Halloween?

E making sure to get every angle

K likes her elephant

Ahh hop scotch 

Our work

Glad Bella wanted to play as wells She made a great pitcher

and a great fielder =)

Thanks for getting the ball Bella

guarding the ball

Now we are ready to go again!

Hey great stop!

Bella with her catch!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin carving 1

Tonight at school we are having a pumpkin fest! The kids are super duper excited and usually so I am . I love going up there,  taking the girls and seeing all of our students dressed up. However, this week apparently a virus dressed up as a stomach bug and sinus bug has decided to trick or treat in my body. So I am a no go for the fun tonight. ;( I was trying to gage the girls reaction last night with "so how about not going to the pumpkin fest tomorrow and instead spend some extra time at "fun fest"? (a HUGE fall carnival with our church) Apparently that didn't go over well and so it was time to call in the reinforcements. A HUGE THANKS goes out to my parents who came over and got the girls to take them for some fun. ( Update: since I have been typing this, the girls came home and had a BLAST)

One of the things that is new this year is a pumpkin carving contest. Emma was excited about this and really wanted to enter. (she also has a little bit of both her parents competitiveness and really wanted to win) So, to add to the week that has already been hectic along with me being sick we needed to fit in a pumpkin carving night. We ended up carving it last night and picked up the final touches (flashing color light) today.  Here are some pictures of our pumpkin and costumes for tonight. ENJOY!
The beginning of the pumpkin fun- The best news is that they
are getting old enough now that they can almost gut it completely. =)


K did great.. Loved every bit and very determined to get the last string

look mom at all the seeds. 

E checking out if K is leaving any for her

Fun times!

Check out this hand full. 


Our finished pumpkin-Which I must say WON Scariest tonight!
E and K came home and were super excited!

It's all the tired faces.. Pumpkin carving is hard work -especially when it's after bed time. 

Our Halloween costumes.