Thursday, April 7, 2011


My DP intake was very high. 4-5 a day on a good day. 1st one at 6:30 and last one somewhere around 9 ish. I always have one open or in my hand. This week for some odd reason they just stopped tasting good like left a bad taste in my mouth. So I figured why not reduce the number I drink. I thought this is going to be hard. CRAZY HARD!  I have tried before and FAILED! This all started monday, Tuesday I had 1, Wednesday 1 1/2 and today 1/2 of one.. I was doing ok today but I ran out of Tea (decaffeinated) and was really thirsty. So I thought why not, I haven't had one.. Well I started to drink it and got the weird feeling like I was spinning but really was just sitting still. Now all day today I have had this I'm getting sick feeling, sinus issues, slight headache, Extremely tired, shakiness,NO PATIENCE and just chalked it up to allergies and needing to go to bed earlier. So one of my friends suggested maybe caffeine withdraw.. Looked it up and I have most of the symptoms.. NICE.. So it can last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks for the more severe intake..   My bushes in the back got a nice hair cut today because I felt like I needed something constructive to do. While I was cutting I noticed the kids were getting my branches and running away with them. Apparently they were doing some constructive playing on their own and made a wedding for themselves. They stuck the branches in the ground for flowers and were throwing them as they walked. 
K in the bush garden wedding
I missed the throwing of the leaves. 

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