Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday June 25th

This morning was the first morning of Vacation Bible School for the girls. They loved it and came home singing songs and talking about everything they did. After we had lunch, the car was yelling at me to give it a bath. The kids put on their swimsuits and I put them to work! After the car was clean we jumped in to dry it off by getting snowcones and then to play in the water. Late this evening while I was feeding Bella I found a butterfly/moth. It let us pick it up and crawled all over us.All in all a great day!

playing with cousins

This month my brother,sister in law and their 2 kids came to visit. They left the girls with my parents while they took a trip to Jamaica. All the girls had fun playing together. While they were here we celebrated my grandmothers 92nd birthday!

Sunday afternoon fun

K upset that the water has some dirt in it

thinking about if it's ok to get in

Apparently the "dirt"is stinging her-actually in the midst
of her fit she sat in a rocking chair and the paint
came off the chair and stuck to her back. So yes
it probably was hurting. =(

after we got the paint cleaned out I gave her a water 
gun and she was better

still won't sit in the water

Happy K

E is going to get it if I get sprayed!
Making silly faces

More silly faces