Saturday, April 16, 2011

catch up

Well Saturdays are suppose to be silent but I noticed I haven't posted since Tue so I am going to play catch up real quick.

Wednesday-Thursday not much happened. Same routine, Same problems, Same fighting from the girls. However, I got this brilliant idea to make a scavenger hunt for the car to hopefully keep them occupied from fighting with each other. Well, so far it has worked,, the car rides have been peaceful since Wed. I also found a web site with different car activities on it and we now also get to play car bingo. =)

Friday- This was a very emotional day. Had my review at work overall pretty good.  Found out my brother is being deployed again.. GRR, (BUT I GET TO SEE HIM AND HIS FAMILY WEDNESDAY!!!!!) And my parents house was broke into. Everyone is ok, Dad walked in and scared them off but not before they got the cameras and the credit cards.

Today (Saturday) Busy Busy Busy We had a Tball game this morning in which we tied the other team. Our guys/girls did an awesome job and we see improvement in most in every game. (this will probably be our only season at tball) k and I did some shopping which always leads to very interesting conversation. Mostly today was what E wanted for her birthday. (WHICH IS SUN) can't believe my angel is turning the big 6. 5 was ok but I am having trouble with 6. Makes her seem so much older. The other conversation we had was about bad guys and if they come in. (she was asleep in the car when dad went in) . She is really worried to the point of asking if the bad guys cut your throat will you still be alive or will you see Jesus? Kinda disturbing and especially in the line to check out.  Bella got her booster shots. She is still a horse at 55 lbs.  Had a fun evening cooking out and playing outside.

Bella has been REALLY digging in the corner of the barn. Thought maybe just digging, but she looked to be after something. Well tonight we think we know what she has been after. Bella really doesn't bark unless something is wrong. Tonight she was tearing up the yard and barking like crazy. I had R look out and he saw eyes looking back. He yells at me to get the broom and flashlight and we go out. Apparently he was going to take on whatever this was.  We get out there and an opossum is there. THIS THING IS MASSIVE,  We put Bella inside and he raises the broom to swing at it and it just sits there looking at us. Finally R decides to get the water hose and sprays it. As it hobbles to under the barn we notice it's limping really really bad. We are not sure if Bella got it or it was already hurt or what but HELP ANIMAL CONTROL.  So until we get our trap Bella can't go out back by herself. Also it turned out that she REALLY REALLY needed another bath tonight. (r and e gave her one this morning)

Hopefully tomorrow will be silent Sunday! Good night all and have a restful rest of the weekend.

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