Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Pets

The girls have been asking for Beta fish every time we go to the pet store. Finally around Christmas I told them when school ends this year we will get a Beta. Every time we went to the pet store they would go and check out the fish and talk to them and pick the ones they wanted. The first thing out of E's mouth yesterday morning was tomorrow we get our fish. So, this evening we are the proud owners of 2 new Beta fish..
at least they picked different colors. 

K's fish- Speedy

E's fish -Gene from Gene Gates on the radio

I look for these names to change a couple of time but who knows. 

E's Award Day!

Today was the last day of school and E's awards day! We are so excited to be done with this year and enjoy our summer. However, E has already said, "Make sure you tell Ms. Hankins that I really really miss her already." So, to that I have to say, Ms. Hankins, thanks for such a wonderful year. Your sweet spirit and caring heart has helped E to grow so much."

E and her teacher

E getting her awards

finally a smile

one of the awards is the art merit award

Her class this year

they sang 2 songs for us.. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today was spent.. 
while waiting on the At&T guy I took the girls exploring to get them out of the way  house. 

We decided to check out 2 new parks

this one had Native Americans that once resided here
and they fought a battle here. The large boulders 
were used to ground the grain. 

watched a spider

watched a lizard

This is the rock K thinks is in the picture 

we watched a bird

ran a little

they think they used this rock for the grain grounding
since it is so flat. K is demonstrating how they ran on the 
grain to mash it up. =)

E found some "Native American" writing- actually
it's kids that have defaced the poor rocks

having a rest before we go to the next park.

Never did find the next park. We looked and looked and looked. The directions that I had ended us up 
at sublett creek trail in a neighborhood. That was a waste of a park. We were looking for
the SW nature preserve. So I pulled directions up again and tried again. Ended up at a building off Bowman rd (after we got lost and ended up in Kennedale) So, I figured it wasn't meant for us to find that park and instead took the girls to PinkBerry. YUM! Then home for...

sprinkler play

picnic lunch

E finally decided to play

a different sprinkler play

It's been a good Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Celebration on Sunday!

Sunday was....
a race track building
1st time to swim for the summer

trying out a new snorkel 

practice swimming underwater




picnic lunching

cloud watching

Knee scraping

more swinging and hanging around

baseball playing 

great memorial day celebration 

kinda day! 

Thanks Aunt Jen and Uncle Bill for letting us come over!