Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A day to chill.

Today was definitely a day that I wished I was a SAHM. K did a little performance in chapel today and I couldn't get there to see it. I am grateful for my dad who did go and support her. Even though he told me it was only 8 mins and I got to see some video of it, it hurts when she looks at me and says " mommy, why didn't you come?"

We have been on the go pretty much since Saturday. The kids are whiny, I am whiny so I figured we needed a night to just chill. Play with the dog, grill out and have fun. We for-goed choir tonight and stayed home. For a fun activity for us we decided to give Bella a bath. While it is 83 degrees apparently Bella thought it was more like 40 and took to some drastic shaking. So we made it a quick bath.

Dr. Pepper count 1 1/2 today. I am not really missing them or craving them as much as I thought I would. =)
Here are some pics of today's activities.
K getting Bella wet

E's turn. Bella is really cold now

Ahhh Sunshine!

Happy at getting warm

K hiding behind her hat

Peak a boo

K's Class
apparently hats taste good. 

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