Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter was busy busy. First we saw what the Easter Bunny left us, then we got all fancied up and off to church. After church we headed to my grandparents and had a great lunch and more egg hunting, then off to R's parents for a great dinner and more egg hunting. All in all it was a great day filled with food, fun and family.

My Family

My girls
The Easter Bunny visited

Our favorite things-squishy toys and peeps

K hunting eggs

E looks hard for the eggs

K hunting at Pawpaws and Mawmaw's

My niece K hunting her egg

E finding eggs

E helping cousin C with some eggs

My niece C with her basket

What do you do with eggs once done... Egg Throwing to the park

Walking on the wall at the park

C having fun on the slide



E hunting at Grandpas and Grandmas

K and her eggs at Grandpas and Grandmas

E tired after a long day! 

E's birthday party

To add to the chaos of Easter weekend E's birthday fell at the same time as Easter. In fact it was on Easter. K's birthday is in Jan and I always feel prepared for her birthday. The last two years I have felt so overwhelmed with E's birthday and making sure we have everything together and it's all done right, is it going to rain and etc.... This year was the first year at our house so it was doubbly(is that a word) stressed.  I felt like I had done nothing for it and was so unprepared.  Also, we planned for an 11:30 party and never again will I have an 11:30 party. lol  However, after it was all said and done the most important person had a blast and loved it. That's all that mattered.  Here are some pictures from E's party.
E and her cupcakes

K and E, The sillies have set in

E trying to read her card

one of her new presents

Thanks to E's kindergarten teacher she has a book on butterflies

E's new favorite place. Build a bear

a new zu zhu pet


K gathering eggs at the hunt

Looks confident that she has enough

E getting her eggs

Heading in for the count

C and her first good egg hunting year

E is really concentrating on that flame

Hope she made a good wish

E's banner

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Silent Sunday

Happy 6th Birthday E!

The big cousins helping out.

My niece K. 

My niece C

K on her way for eggs

Which egg do I choose?

K Enjoying life

K. Following E

1st time sliding by herself.. Look how proud. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

E's Birthday day Celebration

Every year R and I take the kids out for their birthday day celebration. They get to choose what they really want to do and if it is reasonable then we go do it. This year E chose to go to build a bear and ice skating (she loves to ice skate even though she's been once) On Friday our family headed to the mall for build a bear workshop. She is just getting to the age of dressing and having outfits for animals and dolls. She has a black lab (blackie) who just had to have a new spring outfit. Of course K comes along as well and brings her bear for an outfit. After build a bear E was tired so we opted for new shoes, a ride on the carousel and lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse with the promise of skating next weekend. Here are some pics of our wonderfully fun day.
E. Starts off with an early present to build a bear

1st stop time for blackies bath

K washes bear

E gets blackie dress in the new spring outfit

K gets bear a ballerina outfit

Sisters and their best friends

a ride on the carousel 

K ready to go

Lunch in the train