Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ducks, Fish, and ice cream

Enjoying the lake

Since we have been on a duck feeding frenzy this summer and the girls have loved every min. of it, I decided to take them to a favorite place of mine growing up. One of my favorite memories of growing up was going with my grandparents to lay down off the bridge and play "catch the carp." I love throwing the bread in to them and watching them fight for it. When I was really brave I would let them suck on my fingers. Fun Fun.. So, I called my grandparents up and we set the date.. Today we took the girls out to Lake Joe Pool and let them have some fun. The best part is they really apparently didn't remember what a TRUE lake looked like. Yes, we go across Mountain Creek Lake quiet a bit but 1) we are in a car and 2) we drive over it so they don't get the large feeling of it. lol Today they were amazed at all the fish, ducks, catfish (which apparently aren't in the same fish category), boats, jet skis and dead fish on the wall. When we got there the ducks noticed the car right away and came running (well duck running) as fast as they could. (you think they are spoiled??) They met us at the edge of the grass waiting for the fun to begin. Soon we went to the special duck/fish feeding area they now have set up (no more laying on the bridge) and the girls got to watch the Carp and ducks fight for food. They had a blast with this and we soon went through all our bread and it was getting warm. So we walked around some more and found a indoor fishing place that had some nice fans and no sun =) We watched the brim, and minnows, and found a crane trying to catch either his late breakfast or early lunch. Soon we were all hungry and headed into the Oasis to get some lunch. Oh ya we also found a beach that E wants to come back to. Looked nice from the distance and nobody was on it..  So, on to lunch... I had completely forgotten that the girls had never been here and didn't prepare them for what was about to come.. We walk in and E breaks down and wants to leave.. WHAT??? This isn't the child I expect this from.. While I was trying to find out whats wrong (once I looked around I figured it out but wanted her to tell me) she kept telling me it stunk.. well it did have a smell but that usually doesn't bother her and it only smelled like lake restaurant. Finally I take her over to where we could sit and watch the boats and she got better. Apparently she isn't a fan of the large dead fish staring at her on the walls. K thought these were really cool and wanted to touch them.  So we eat lunch, visit the store, have some ice cream, and saw more fish food.. So we get some food and start feeding the fish again.. Only this time we could have made these fish LUNCH! Nice large Catfish... (looked good if only I ate fish) The girls loved the fish and its all they talked about on the way home. All in all they had a great day and a memory I hope they will treasure. 
K getting the ducks together

Here they come


From ducks... Hey guys she has the gold!

Mawmaw and the girls with the fish

Pawpaw and the girls making sure everyone gets fed.


Miss K and her new hat

K likes to feed the ducks better then the fish

E feeding the fish

Look of determination. 

Watching the crane

Still watching... 

MMMMM ice cream!!

Can we have this one


Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Day

Since we are getting ready for our trip we are trying to find low cost/free things to do. Today I had some places to go to finish getting stuff and the girls complained that it wasn't fun. It wasn't their idea to do.. (their idea is usually the zoo, aquarium, ice skating, etc..) So, while driving around looking for a swimsuit, that is apparently out of season now;) we drove by the pond on Matlock. I made a quick right and soon started hearing, " mommy, your getting us lost again!" " Mommy, this isn't the right way" I keep driving and soon turn left, " mommy the street ends. Are you lost?" "No, I replied, Look out your window and down." " Mommy, (quickly changing my name), DUCKS!!! Can we feed them?" ask one, The other replies with, " We didn't get any bread!!". I continue to get out of the car open the back and surprise!! IT"S BREAD! So off we go in the 101 heat (index 107) and feed the ducks. Well most of the ducks didn't want to eat but the brim, pigeons, and turtle sure were hungry. We spent a good 20 mins chasing, relaxing and feeding the animals. Here are some pics from our day!.

These ducks approached us.. 

Then they decided they didn't like our bread.. 

or maybe they are spoiled.. 

here little ducky come get it..

Don't act like you don't want it... TAKE IT!!

What!! Come back we are not finished with you yet!

All lined up ready to jump. Did we cause this??

Duck flying over
Duck attacking something

Enjoying playing

our friend who loves bread and was very hungry

K thought this was hysterical. 

K watching the ducks dive

E. Watching the ducks


There are lots of times we go to the mall and have to find lots of things to buy. This time we went on a fugal budget and I was only planning to have a dessert at the Rain Forest.  Well we had about 2 1/2 hrs to kill (due to the soccer game) so I was trying to find something to do besides shop. 
We went into the bookstore that was there (trying to find something to keep two kids occupied for 8 hrs in the car for our trip) and while we found some stuff we also found HATS!! They had all different types of hats. I was waiting for one of the workers to come over and tell us to quit playing with them. Here are some of our hats that we liked. 

Birthday Emma and Princess Katelyn

ARRRR! ( such a shame this one is blurry darn phone)

Tea Party Anyone??

Katelyn has a combo of my new hat and her new hat
giddy up! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So far summer has been HOT HOT HOT! Which in turns makes no energy for us to do anything.  I finally am done with summer school and had last week off, which we just went to the swim park or played in the backyard and we did have a super fun playdate. This week I have been working VBS at my parents church in the morning and taking a nice nap in the afternoon. This of course leaves no time for anything FUN!. Next week we are off again so hopefully we can do some of the things on my list. Also, pretty soon we leave for the beach. My best friend is getting married and the girls are going to see a real beach for the first time. =) We are super excited and just hope the car ride won't drive us crazy. =) I am in the process of getting lots of car activities to keep us busy. Hopefully it will be a productive week.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Happy 4th of JULY
The 4th of July holiday usually ends up being a 2 day holiday in which I am very thankful. I love to spend time with both sides of my family and to see the parade and the fireworks it takes 2 days to get it all in. With that being said We are exhausted and the kids are in bed and asleep by 7:45. It also helps that many people are also doing fireworks on the 3rd. So, yesterday we went to my Uncle's S's house and celebrated my grandfathers birthday (who's is the 4th) and my uncles (which is the 14th) , had lunch and swam. We came home rested for a couple hrs and then packed up and headed out to light up Arlington. There were SO MANY people there but we got great seats away from the crowd and saw everything perfect. Today we woke up early and went to the Parade, then to my sister in laws house for more swimming, lunch, dinner and a great time. Here are some pictures from our weekend. Enjoy!
Jumping in at Uncle S's house. 

Waiting on the Fireworks


Wanted their picture with the Levitt behind them. 





Breakfast on the go

Daddy and Miss K. 

K excited about something at the parade

Miss E waiting for the parade to begin. 
Watching the parade

Miss K

K standing in the chair to see

E watching the parade

K ready to jump into Aunt J's pool

There she goes

E ready to Jump in