Monday, May 2, 2011

A week in review

Well I noticed that I haven't posted in about a week so I thought I would take the few mins that I have (well  never mind the kids are awake now) still I am going to do a quick catch up on what has been going on. First and foremost my brother and his family have been in town. It's been about 8 months since I had seen him. Most would say that's it that's not very long. However, my brother and I are close. In the last couple of months I was going through some serious withdraws and really needing to see him. So, I have been spending the last couple days hanging out with him. We have gone to the Arboretum, the zoo, had a couple of birthday parties and today we are suppose to be going to Grapevine mills. The bad news everybody has been sick with this sinus stuff. I guess Texas really is polluted. . *side note- I LOVE MY LYSOL! ;) Hopefully I have headed it off and my family won't get it. Also, I had been doing very well on not having any soda but with 3 birthday parties and having it brought into my house.. Somebody has to drink it. lol However, I only have 1 a day so it's still progress from 4 or more a day.

Last night while I was watching The Apprentice, a memo came across saying President Obama was going to speak. WHAT THE HECK!! It's 10:00 PM  THIS MUST BE IMPORTANT!  R and I were sitting there coming up with all different scenarios as to why he is speaking this late. I kinda felt bad about the fact that the news media stole his thunder about his BIG announcement. On the other hand if he wasn't an hr late in giving his speech then maybe it wouldn't have leaked out.  I am not sure how I feel about Bin Ladin being dead. On one hand I finally feel relief that our Soldiers finally did what they were sent to do. On the other hand what will his followers feel necessary to do to pay us back for killing their leader. Yes, the US sent the message, we always get our guy, but at what cost? Also, is it really necessary to be dancing in the streets? I understand people are happy but show some respect. Yes, apparently people danced over there for 9/11 but are we not better then them? OK getting off my soap box and getting my daughters ready for school.

Have a great day!

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