Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Blog

THIS IS IT!! The first blog.  Why am I doing this?? Who knows. I figure that those who want to follow and see what cool and exciting things we are doing can do just that and those that just want random updates can stick with facebook. I can promise this as soon as I figure everything out it will get better. As it has taken me about an hr to figure this out, all Great and exciting posting has gone to the wayside. Today is Tuesday (didn't know that did ya) most of our Tuesday's are spent driving so our conversations in the car are very interesting. This morning we had a run down of the Bible in about 20 mins. Started with K's question of How did God make the World? and Ended with E's question of Why did the bad men make Jesus carry his cross? This afternoons trip to T-ball had Santa with new reindeer names, we no longer have a donner and comit but now a donit.. and K sings it just like that. E was upset that Ry had to work and wouldn't be the Vampire at the T-ball practice today. (He was the umpire at the last game). Well, tomorrow is another exciting day in the land of oz. Good night

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