Sunday, April 10, 2011

LIfe in general

Yesterday the girls asked and asked to go do something fun. I thought we were having fun shopping and selling clothes. =) But according to K that is only fun for me. So today we decided to go to the Dallas Zoo. They have added a whole new section for the giraffes, elephants and zebra. When we got there it wasn't to bad people wise. We had plenty of room to do what we want.  However, by lunch everybody was out. Not like Spring break crowded but busy. I try to keep a good hand on both of the girls and not act like wild animals while viewing the animals. Apparently, I am pretty much the only one that thinks that way.  I was so tired of children barging in and pushing people out of the way, or running down the hills and not looking where they are going or screaming at the top of their lungs when the big sign says QUIET PLEASE!  If it was just the kids I would have been fine but I guess when the adults are setting the example they really don't have much to look up to..

On another note.. kids say the craziest things (at the wrong time) While at the zoo this guy walks by and k kindly points out that he has a ring in his nose like the bulls. Then promptly asked if he was a bull. When the children/adults were yelling at the gorilla house E ask them if they saw the sign that said QUIET. As a parent I like the fact they are very observant about things and try to follow the rules (when out in public =)) but at what point do I stop that. I mean if you are wearing a ring in your nose you want attention, and shouldn't everyone follow the directions. Those gorillas could be mean if woke up. =) Also, we played in the children's zoo. One little boy apparently needed to use the restroom that were maybe 15 steps away so his mom had him pee on the pole holding the covering up. NOT EVEN A TREE!! Gross. I left my bag in my chair that I was sitting in while I went to tell E not to sit in the water when I turn around another lady picked up my bag and placed it on the ground and then decided to sit in the chair. GRR.

Overall , we really did have a great time seeing all the animals, riding the pony, and feeding the giraffes.
on the way with Dart
The red parrot already looks drunk. 

K talking to the penguin
checkin out the penguins

Riding the elephant

more elephant riding

E on the elephant

The actual elephant

nice giraffe

Giraffe eating from E

Giraffe eating from me

Giraffe eating from K

E and the giraffe

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Don't you want to play

they could have stayed all day

K's favorite spot

They knew she was coming

All the bugs she can collect

Turtle riding

ugh.. ball python

another one of K's fav.

really loves the snakes

This is good. FISH

E riding her horse

This goat is in heaven

Cooling off

more cooling off

waiting on the train. 

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