Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catch up! July 2012

It's been awhile since I have updated this blog in fact the last update was July 4th. So, I am going to do two quick post to get everyone caught up on life's adventures for us. 

The girls took swim lessons most of the summer. It is so much fun to see the confidence they have now in the pool. At the beginning of summer both were still using floats and jumping off the side holding on 
to them. Now they are both jumping in with no floats, K can swim about 1/2 way in a full length Y pool and E loves to do flips and go to the bottom of the pool to retrieve things. We borrowed friends/uncles pool when we were not at the Y. 

I got to be a flower

getting ready to go in the canoe 

oh no it flipped What to do now. 

E's first ride in the canoe. See her grip

they have entered a storm

It's a major storm with boat rocking

 In July E had a week of art class in the afternoon. This was a fun week because we had swim in the morning, a quick shower and off to art. However, the kids loved every min of it. While E was having a blast in art, K and I hung out.
We had frozen yogurt at our new fav yogurt place. Pinkberry

we then visited and feed the ducks

and the birds got in on the action as well. 

All of E's art ! She's so proud of her work

We watched the squirrels steal Bella's food- My 
favorite is the one in back that is flat. Does he 
not think I can see him? lol

we also found out ways to be quiet in the car. =)

Lastly in July we went to Corpus Christie for our vacation for a weekend. The girls loved the beach, the aquarium and the early morning drive to Padre Island was well worth it to see the cute little sea turtles being released. It will be something that I will never forget. 

This is a loggerhead turtle. It's amazing to think this
tiny thing grows into the huge turtle on Nemo. 

Last but not least we were eaten by a shark. yum yum