Sunday, September 18, 2011

catch up

I noticed it has been about 4 weeks since I last posted so here is a quick little update. 

School- E was very worried about school this year. She was upset that she didn't get the teacher that she wanted and had set out to have a bad year. She didn't care that I love the teacher that she got or that they would get to do lots of cool things this year because her heart was broken. Now going into the 5th week of school everything has changed. She is excited every day to go see the best teacher ever. She is madly in love with her teacher and according to her teacher she is doing great! 
  K is still going to her MDO program and loving it. I am not too concerned with the education aspect of it because I thought that I would be able to work with her when I got home from work on the things that I know will benefit her for Kinder next year. She knows all but 3 upper case letters and about 6 lower letters.  Can count 1-30 (tries to get to 100 but misses a few numbers) She also knows how to write her name and a few sounds. We still need to work on the sounds and getting all the letters. However, my plan just isn't working out. By the time we get home and dinner done its' late and we are all exhausted. I thought oh the weekend we can work on it but once again the weekend was here and gone and nothing is done.  K has lots of difficulty with transitions and playing with other children. I wanted her in a school setting with lots of kids so she can work on both of these things before we get to kinder. My only concern with the MDO is so far 4 children have been the most they have had in her room with K being the oldest at 4 and the other are 3.  I am hoping they will pick up (director said they had 18-20 during the summer) but it's not looking so good. Lately K has been mentioning her old school a lot and talking about all the things that she did there. When I asked if she wants to go back to the old school she tells me no because she likes the teachers at the new school. So, I still don't know what I want to do?? 

  Work and I are doing fine. I can't believe it is only the 5th week of school. Feels like we should be further along. =) My children that I work with are a joy to be with ( most of the time) and I am figuring out new things about them every day. Last week one of them got up in front of the class and led the songs. (if you know my job then you know what a big accomplishment this was) I have another one that is coming out of his shell and actually got in trouble for yelling.. YEA! I know most teachers would be like NO YELLING but he talks so softly and mumbles that we can hardly tell what he is saying. Also this same kid drew a pic of his family, and a rocket, and mom getting hurt by a bee. It was modeled for him after he told me what he wanted but he copied it great! Yea for new accomplishments!

  R is still doing the daily grind at work and all there is going well. 

Life itself is life. E has started playing soccer for school and I am the assistant coach. She is loving it so much and I hope that she continues to thoughout  the season. We had our first game on Saturday and we won 3-0. E made 3 great saves while in goal. We have also started back to our Wednesday night schedule at church. They moved the time back by 15 mins and so now we are getting home later then last year. I am helping out the in the 3's choir again and I think the 3's this year are younger then the 3's last year.. they are just so small (and some still in diapers). K did really well this year with going into her new classes. I was worried because she is going to have 3 rooms to move to which equals about 12 new teachers/helpers and to a kid that has transition issues this is a big adjustment. We had meet the teacher and I took her to each room and we stayed about 10 mins and talked to the teachers. Maybe this helped. She also asks me where I will be (across the hall from her choir room) and when will I be picking her up. The church has started this new thing where the older kids 1-6th have a activity class they go to before choir. E chose Dance and for 8 weeks she is going to dance and loving it. She then goes to choir and then we come home. She so wants to go to the missions part of it but then we wouldn't be getting home until 8 and that is bed time.. 

ok well the storm has moved in PLEASE LET THERE BE LOTS OF RAIN!! Time for me to go..