Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter Egg dying

Easter Egg dying is always fun. Especially when we get to dye at both my house and my grandparents house. 

Getting the dye ready at 7:15 in the morning. =(

Waiting for dad to wake up

My egg while waiting

on your mark get set GO!

hard at work

wanted to make one like me

camo eggs

looks beautiful

waiting on the eggs to get done

The final product of our eggs

Mawmaw and Pawpaws egg table. 

reading the instructions!!

concentrating hard at what she is doing

EWW i have to touch it

Making sure to get every spot colored

very precise 

mom in on the action

always end up with colored fingers no matter how hard
we try not too =)

after everyone gets done it's my turn to work

my hat crew! and green thumbs

a friend came to play and off to the park we go

a last romp though the bluebonnets

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