Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garden Update 5/19

Here is the garden from the beginning to April 30th. These were taken today. As I look back I am amazed at how much this little project has grown. So far we have eaten some cherry tomatoes, and 2 cucumbers and they were yummy. 

The "big boy" tomato plant is finally taller then K.

As of today we have 14 squash in the making. Hopefully 
they will all make. 

Our first squash! This squash came off today!

More in the making

Our bell pepper plants- we have three plants and they 
are finally starting with the bell peppers. 

look how cute- we have 3 bell peppers growing

a big view of the tomatoes

The cucumbers- they are going EVERYWHERE!
we currently have 12 small cucumbers
The biggest of the small cucumbers- When I found him
he was growing in the little squares. I had to push him to safety. 

a brand new baby- K thinks these are great

THE CANTALOUPE! tThey are overtaking the garden. 
(note to self for next year-give them a bigger space)

The cucumber and cantaloupe are growing
out of the garden

a "big boy" tomato 

The little cherry tomatoes 

The strawberries

The watermelon!

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  1. Wow your garden is way ahead of our! So fun to see and dream of what is to come:)