Monday, May 28, 2012


This is a late post but I just realized I missed Easter somewhere along the way. It was probably in that week there everything got really busy really fast. So here is EASTER!. 

Waiting for the word to go check out the Easter Bunny

Katelyn is very ready to go


LOOK my shiny shoes! 

a blue bunny

a new Hello Kitty night gown

K got a pink bunny

They love the bunnies

The Easter bunny hides the eggs inside 

It was a little harder this year

finally found an egg

K found her egg

Found the last one- it was tricky

K posing with the baskets

E posing with the baskets

Annual family picture

The Easter bunny hid money eggs at Pawpaw and 
Mawmaw's house. 

Princess K checking to see whose name is on this egg.

It's hers. 

Still searching

Making sure they have their eggs

Princess K

the sky soon opened after the money hunt
and the rain began. So we hid eggs inside


Got it

Checking every space

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