Monday, May 28, 2012

E's 1st grade field trip

E's 1st grade field trip was on Monday. We went to the Ft. Worth Museum of History and Science and had a blast. According to the people that work there we picked a good day. The lady in charge said the week before they had 2000+ kids a day. Whew thats a lot of kids. We had maybe 500 if that. The kids got to see and do and really enjoyed themselves. 
Waiting for the bus

They were really excited

the sea of red. Everybody was to wear
a red shirt if the had one. 

The dino fossil dig

looking for fossils

we did have one kid who was a little hesitant of
the dinos

E playing a game

checking out a dino foot print

E and her buddy playing a game

The big long neck

Looking at a corn snake ewww

a friend hug. After she had a week off
before from being sick they were glad 
she was back
We are having a great time

E and her best friend
Ewwww she is in the nose in the grossology exhibit. 

Trying to build something that flies

Trying it out in the wind tunnels

How far does your paper airplane fly?

a tired mommy

a really tired E

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