Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today was spent.. 
while waiting on the At&T guy I took the girls exploring to get them out of the way  house. 

We decided to check out 2 new parks

this one had Native Americans that once resided here
and they fought a battle here. The large boulders 
were used to ground the grain. 

watched a spider

watched a lizard

This is the rock K thinks is in the picture 

we watched a bird

ran a little

they think they used this rock for the grain grounding
since it is so flat. K is demonstrating how they ran on the 
grain to mash it up. =)

E found some "Native American" writing- actually
it's kids that have defaced the poor rocks

having a rest before we go to the next park.

Never did find the next park. We looked and looked and looked. The directions that I had ended us up 
at sublett creek trail in a neighborhood. That was a waste of a park. We were looking for
the SW nature preserve. So I pulled directions up again and tried again. Ended up at a building off Bowman rd (after we got lost and ended up in Kennedale) So, I figured it wasn't meant for us to find that park and instead took the girls to PinkBerry. YUM! Then home for...

sprinkler play

picnic lunch

E finally decided to play

a different sprinkler play

It's been a good Memorial Day!

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