Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Garden!

The beginning of the garden

March 16th Getting it all planted -cucumber 
April 8th a little growth
April 24 -wow it really took off
April 30th- we have a big cucumber- Saturday this just started
April 30th- it is out of the box and going through the fence

March 16th- Bell Peppers 
April 8th -some bug likes them as well
we have also lost one plant 
April 24th- they got really big
April 30th- we have some flowers on them!

March 16th-  Watermelon 

April 8th- they look pitiful we have lost 1
1 may bite the dust and really only have 1 left that
looks good!
April 30th YEA! they are doing ok!

March 16th Squash 

April 8th -getting bigger

April 24th it really took off
we have a itty bitty squash and lots of flowers
April 30- growing outside it's box and more flowers
we counted about 5 squash starting YEA!

March 16th- look hard and you might find the cantaloupe 
k's favorite
April 8th -we have lost all but 2 plants -however
k had this great idea to take the cantaloupe seeds from
the actual cantaloupe and plant them. So I said sure! 
April 24th - They have really taken off and the seeds about
about caught up to the actual plants.  
April 30th- Nice cantaloupe plants- only drawback is 
I am having to reposition the squash vines so they don't 
grow together. Both really like the sun!

Tomatoes March 16th-getting started
The tall one on the left is my cherry and the 3 little ones
are big boys. 
April 8th- getting bigger
April 24th- huge- we have already gotten 4 
cherrys and they are good. The bugs
like them as well and we have to beat them to
April 30th Tall tomatoes- got two more cherry off
we have 2 big boys starting and lots of blooms

one of the big boys

K is really happy the plant almost comes up
to her neck. 

todays cherry tomatoes

Random picture of K taking care of the garden!
April 16

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