Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Dance Off

 Today at church we had Fun Fest. I have never been and if E wasn't performing then I honestly wouldn't have gone tonight. The place was BUSY. Last year they had 5,000+ and I am interested in what was there this year. E and K really wanted to do the trunk or treat but that line was massive and they wanted to do the petting zoo and pony rides but by the time that got set up it was time for E to go find her teacher and SHOW TIME!. We did do some of the bouncy slides/houses and look at the petting zoo animals. E has been attending a mission class on wednesday nights (dance) and tonight was their spotlight. They got to perform on the Levitt stage. (a nice outside stage where we get to go to 50 free concerts in the fall and spring) I was kinda worried about her going up there and then seeing all the people and freezing but she did great. K also did her own dancing when the other dance
     schools were on stage doing their thing and I have to say K's was a little more entertaining. Here are          some pics from today! Enjoy
K-Butterfly fairy

E getting ready to do her thing 
E had to be a WaM girl 

K wanted her hair curled today 
The TALL slide
K walking up the giant hill of steps.
This was done very well considering she
was stepping on her dress. 

K ready to go 

E's turn to climb the steps 
E on the way down.. the 1 and only time. =) 
K on the 2nd time down
Running through the course 

K was taking her time

K thinking the body squasher was interesting

K having a blast

E loved this one 
E having a great time

Hey dad lets go this way 

The petting zoo animals

The face of hope -she so wanted to go in. We should have gone back and done it.  
They had chicken, goats, donkeys, pigs, rabbits
geese, and ducks all in the same pen together

waiting for the word GO

The pigs
E's performance on stage

K's entertainment 1
K's entertainment 2

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