Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday Fun day

Since I have been feeling a little under the weather last week I wanted to just hang at home and rest and relax and have some fun with the girls. We had a wedding to attend Saturday night and the girls got a much needed break from us and spent the night with my parents. Thanks mom and dad. The plan was to pick them up after church and bring them home however, since we got in so late Saturday and I was still exhausted from the week mom and dad brought them to me after church and I played hooky this Sunday. The girls and I haven't spent much time just hanging out. E begs me to just have her and I time after school every day. But due to the schedule of the week that just doesn't happen. Sunday I decided lets just chill! After they got home from church we did just that! A little cooking, decorating, chalking and outside playing was just what the doc ordered. We had a blast.

R's cupcake
And let the fun begin!

The girls made their monsters

E hard at work

K making sure everything is right


E is excited about the way it looks

K waiting for the word 'GO"

E calculating each candy corn

The masterpieces

E and K chalking away--but what does an elephant and gator
have to do with Halloween?

E making sure to get every angle

K likes her elephant

Ahh hop scotch 

Our work

Glad Bella wanted to play as wells She made a great pitcher

and a great fielder =)

Thanks for getting the ball Bella

guarding the ball

Now we are ready to go again!

Hey great stop!

Bella with her catch!

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