Sunday, November 6, 2011


I am going to write to my senators and demand that they change the calendar to always have halloween on the last Friday of Oct. It should NEVER and I repeat NEVER be on a school day. This was in fact the longest week of school. I believe that the children had candy every night for dinner and probably some for breakfast before they came to us to sit quietly and listen and BEHAVE! We also had a field trip on halloween and after this week that seems so long ago. =)

Now on another note... I guess I am lucky in that my own children are not big candy eaters. I let them have 3 pieces of candy on halloween and K hasn't had any since and E gets a piece in her lunch box. For the most part I have calm, happy children without the sugar hype. After I got out of school E and I went to my parents to pick up K and get dressed for some trick-or-treating. The plan was to go to my grandparents and then back home to hand out candy. Well, my mom suggested going to the church up the street for their fall fest and trunk or treat  and then went to my grandparents. Ry called me about 7 and asked what to do...for he was all out of candy and only gave them 1 piece each. THATS 2 BIG BAGS OF CANDY!  It was a late night and the kids didn't get into bed until about 1.5 hrs after bed time. =(
All dress and ready to go.. (as a bad mom I forgot the teeth for E
and wings and wand for K )

Waiting in line

lots of waiting

still waiting but really excited

Ahh here is the line we are waiting in

Waiting for the next trunk. 

Getting their goods!

oh no we made a wrong turn  
Hey it's the pit crew

getting a bead.- all along the trail people handed out salvation beads and told each child what they meant. 

Hi Sponge bob-This was the A.P from my moms school and her student Council

some trunks were really decked out

I don't think we want candy from this trunk.
A nice cowboy brought  up his horse for the kids to sit on. 

A vampire riding a horse.. 

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