Saturday, March 10, 2012

365 Days (47-59)

Sunday, February 26, 2012 (day 47)
Ugh, I despise long trains

Monday, February 27 (day 48)
K's first day of soccer practice for the Rainbow Unicorns

looking really into it. =)

While I wait my turn I will do some yoga

It's time to shine

scrimmaging (putting a shoulder into it )

Tuesday, February 28th (day 49)
Went to work/school and E's Soccer practice 
still haven't taken pictures of E at practice

Wednesday, February 29th (day 50) 
K had a choir performance for Prayer meeting and did fabulous 

Thursday, March 1st (day 51)

Must have had a hard day at school-all this
going going going is getting us tired. It's
good to get a nap in before practice again!

Friday, March 2nd (day 52)

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. 1st grade
participated in Read across America day. 
They got to wear pi's, bring blankets, books, 
snacks, and a pillow. 

We got to play with the new baby from down the street. 
At 2 months old she was very alert. 

We also got to help Nana and Papaw plant new rose bushes. 

Saturday, March 3rd (day 53)

K is ready for the Rainbow Unicorns!
We have had really great weather all winter and 
of course the 1st day  of soccer it's a little chilly. 

Waiting to kick the ball

She is the kicker for the corner kicks!

Run K Run! 
After 2 close goals by K the Rainbow unicorns lose their 
first game 2-0 =(

E is ready to be a Bengal again!
Since I am the assistant coach it's hard to get
pics and focus on the game. The girls did awesome and we 
won our first game 2-0!

We finally got our new patio furniture set!

I decided to take down this tree. It 
didn't survive the summer heat drought. =(
The girls thought it made a great jungle gym.

Bella knew better then to be climbing in the tree.

oh no this is what happens when you get stuck. 

This is how the end of Saturday made us feel. 

Our family

Sunday, March 4th (day 54)
Not sure what we did this day- oh ya
cleaned the house. 

Monday, March 5th (day 55)
K at practice again!

come on mom! This is soccer. Enough with the pictures!

Tuesday, March 6th (day 56)
Once again school/work and E's Soccer practice

Wednesday, March 7th (day 57)

E had her performance at church. Hopefully I got
better pictures with my dad's camera. 

Thursday, March 8th (day 58)

We had a baby shower at school for one of the teachers. 

Friday, March 9th (day 59)

Lots of building- and then knocking them over

more knocking them over

All in all we have been busy! Between school, work, practice and church we are constantly on the go. Life is going great!

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