Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break Day number 1 (day 62)

I will do this weekend on a different post.

Today we had a busy busy day. Lots of driving (85 miles total) and lots of doing. We had to wake up early on our day off and take Bella to her vet appt to have her spayed. This was on the border of Ft. Worth (phone number is listed as Ronoake) and Lewisville. Right across from Alliance airport. It wasn't a bad drive this morning just didn't know the highways and what traffic would be like, but all went well. I forgot to get the rabies certificate that they needed so after we dropped her off I ran to petsmart to have them fax it over to them. Whew. This was a nice petsmart. They had a doggie hotel, nice adoption center, vet and the normal stuff. We probably could have stayed all day there watching the dogs play at the hotel. But, we needed to move on. So we loaded up and drove across Ft. Worth to the Botanical Gardens. Here we took some pics, blew some bubbles, feed some turtles (or tried to not our fault they didn't want to eat). We spent about 1 1/2 hrs here and then had to book it over to the Stockyards for the cattle drive at 11:30. We barely made it just in time to see them finishing up and walking right in front of us. My mom has never seen the gardens or the stockyards so this was a nice treat for her. I wanted to have lunch at Givonni's but apparently they need a day off and chose Monday to be this day =( . So we found the Love Shack and ate hamburgers and Nachos. YUM. We walked around the stockyards some more, took some more pics, went to the petting zoo, petted a longhorn and had a great time. About 1:25 the vet called and said we could pick Bella up at 2. By the time we got all the last min things done we were tired and ready for the car. We got Bella, and made it home by 4:00 or a little earlier. All in All a great 1st spring break day!

Mom being a butterfly

our journey

Feeding the ducks

K feeding the ducks

Turtle bay

a beautiful mallard

mom! you are NOT looking at the turtles!

This is the "boo" face

enjoying life

I want a tree like this

E feeding the turtles

I love this pic. Just wish it would have been in focus =(


Mom trying to figure out the phone

Mom and E

E just wanted to blow bubbles and walk around. 

K smelling flowers

E's pic of the bird

The Cattle Drive

We made it just in time

Look at those longhorns

Sign for mom. 

the girls love it

E has been caught cheating

K and E playing cards

it's a rare occasion that they get soda. In fact they 
will probably not get another till 2015 lol

a cool door

mom and the girls

K was all about the pictures today

now the fun can begin!

At the petting zoo

Even Nana got in on the feeding

K and Lama having a talk

3 week old baby goats.

The one E is holding is a triplet.

petting the longhorn

Checking everything out!

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