Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break day 4 (day 65)

I can't believe it is already Thursday. Where is this spring break going?
We started off today learning how to play Monolopy Jr. Dinosaur version. 
K lasted about 30 mins and E lasted about 45. Finally we just gave up.  
I am so glad I invested in sand this week. It has been so wonderful 
at keeping the girls entertained for and 1 hr or more at a time. 

While the girls were entertained I started building boxes for the garden.
I am quite proud of myself, as I went to Home depot and actually looked like I knew
what I was talking about. However, when we got home the nails were still
too short. =( So I pulled some from the walls in the barn that weren't 
being used and reused those. They don't look perfect but they are great
for now. =)

Bella enjoying some outside time with us. She is doing better. Apparently they
took her taste of her dog food away because she won't eat it. I keep thinking 
dogs won't starve themselves but she might. (yes I throw her scraps of hot dog and 
bacon but not a lot.)

The girls made a bug jamboree (their word). They found all the roly polys and snails. Used
the weeds and had a blast for about 2 hrs. 

yes that is dirt on K's face. The snail shells still had occupants. 

Keeping a close eye on the jamboree

LOOK! the snails came out. They were so happy

E is not so sure about holding it. 

The garden is ready for planting. Those green things are from the 
trees and won't stop falling. lol

We ended with learning how to play Bingo and a game of Sorry. 
It was a great Thursday. The girls are super excited and have been counting 
down to Friday. We go see the Lorax. 

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