Sunday, February 26, 2012

365 days (39-47)

February 18, 2012 (Day 39)

Up early using our new how to draw books. (a late Valentine present)

Yum Yum the making of cookies

February 19, 2012 (day 40)
Play doh fun

It's tent time!

February 20, 2012 (day 41)

It's presidents day- Off to see President Chuck E Cheese

Then a stop by Nana and Papaw's to raid their games and play a little music

We found Checkers and another Mancala 

February 21, 2012 (day 42)

Family game night

February 22, 2012 (Day 43)
Once again I fell down on the job of picture taking.
Actually thats not true- I did take pictures. Of my school kids
which can't be posted here. =)  
February 23, 2012 (Day 44)
Welcome Soccer Season!
Once again E is playing soccer on our school team (though the Y) and I am the assistant coach. 
We have a great group of 1st and 2nd girls (and a kinder who is really good) that will
rock the soccer field. K has also asked to play and will have her first practice 
with her team on Monday. (she is so excited to play she wanted to practice 
with Em and did well) SO our Saturdays for the next couple months will be SOCCER DAYS!

February 24, 2012 (Day 45)

After a stop to Hobby Lobby we are now the proud
owners of new finger paints and cool finger paint paper. 
Which we just HAD to try out as soon as we got home. 

February 25, 2012 (Day 46)

While game thrifting at Papaw and Nana's 
we came across some acrylic paints. While at
Hobby lobby we bought some canvas's. 
Saturday morning E wanted to start painting at 7:30 ugh

Today we went and got K all of her soccer equipment. 
She is excited to play

We also had to repair part of our fence that had broke. 

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