Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Day 5 (day 66) =(

The day is finally here! The kids hopped out of bed this morning eager to get going on our day. We have been counting down since Fri last week. Every morning has been the same routine, "Mom, today is Monday right?" me " yes" E "so 4 more days till Friday not counting today?" me "yes" and every morning she would do the count down. To what you might be asking......

Now K has been in on the count down as well and while she was really excited to see The Lorax something else was on her mind. We have been prepping and working and prepping and working the area we are going to use for........


She was ready to go buy the plants and was super excited about the cantaloupe. (I hope this plant does something) She took to all the plants but the cantaloupe got special love and attention. (she actually talked to it) She really loves this garden idea. 

So our busy busy Friday went a little like this.....
Bella watching the girls this morning probably deciding
if she really wants to go out. 

Checking on the bug "festival" this morning -1st thing (notice the pi's)

Good morning snails. -she named them all. 
off to Home Depot- picking out the veg/fruits

trying to get the right ones

debating on the strawberries
They think they picked good ones. They know as much
about it as I do. =)

On to the Lorax

At Studio Movie Grill

Then a stop at the Pet store -which houses all the animals 
for us so everybody can stay with friends. =)

K praying to the fish gods?

A quick drive though at Wendys for Frosty's

 Here I dropped them off at home with R and unloaded the veg/fruit. I left specific instructions of NOT TO TOUCH THEM! and off I went to  "HELL" -walmart. For some reason everybody was there on Friday afternoon when they were suppose to be at work. It was like a Sunday in there. I needed to get the groceries and an oil change and 2 new tires (since it is suppose to rain all next week). What other place can I do all of that at but Walmart? So, we get it all in the system (a new guy was running it ugh) and then I say, " so, how long do I have to get the groceries?" he laughs and says, "about 2 hrs." if my tires didn't look like they were old men and balding then I would have said never mind. But I needed tires BAD!. So 2 1/2 hrs later I am on my way. HOME TO GARDENING!

working together

K got upset this little guy didn't really want to 
stand up like the rest. She worked and worked but
it just was tired. 

K's pic of the strawberries

K's pic of the bell pepper


The whole Garden

Watering and waiting. Apparently she thought they
would just grow over night. She was distraught at the fact
it could be summer before we get good stuff. =)
Also, she made the declaration that once this grows we 
won't have to go to the store any more. =)

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