Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dallas Zoo

On Monday when we were out of school for MLK, the weather was gorgeous, and it only cost $5 to get in. The Dallas Zoo was calling our name. We drove to my parents, jumped on the Dart train and landed at the zoo. Usually when we go we hit the big animals and leave. This day I wanted to see what we were missing, I wanted to see the Chimps and other animals. So, we pretend we were explorers and went in search of "other" animals. The way this zoo is laid out it is hard to get Zoo north and The Wilds of Africa in on the same day (especially when it closes at 4 and we don't get there till 11) We did the best we could and got all the Wilds in, the reptile building (K's favorite) and the Children's zoo finished.  Enjoy the pictures. 

on the way

ready to go

K and the penguin talking

and dancing

This was really funny to watch

really wanting to touch the penguin

red river hogs- I was told they are to be expecting some baby ones in the summer

remember the baby wart hogs from before? Look how big they are now. 
They are soon to be leaving though to Ohio =(

The giraffes were so much fun

K gets to touch him

OK you have touched me enough.. And YOU don't have food!

Watch out E, you might get a bath. 

apparently a little too close for comfort

E finally gets her turn to pet him

They had to switch to crackers due to people bringing in their own 
lettuce and trying to feed them. 

This is one of my favorite pictures. 

We finally found the baby giraffe.. 

Usually when we are out the animals are sleeping or resting. 
Today they were up and running

going on a safari -I really like the kid behind us reading the map

We visited the bird house and this beautiful bird was really smart. 

he was sitting by the door looking innocent until someone
held the door open a little long. If it wasn't for this poor bird
being nearsighted and hitting the closed door he would have
been gone. 

at the chimps there were 3 baby chimps 

K really talking to the baby

time for a snack

E really liked the sm bird exhibit. 

K gave all the birds names

I have never seen a stork. They are actually really tall. 

K finally getting the pony ride. 

E getting her turn. 

Trying to pet the pigs. 

The mongooses. 

We have never seen a rhino actually use it's horn. 
This was really cool to see. 

He moved all the logs to a middle pile. 

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