Sunday, January 15, 2012

365 days 11-15

Well, it's been awhile since I have posted pics not that I haven't been taking them I have just been in a funk and really haven't wanted to write anything or do anything. So here is the last 5 days....

January 11th

Even though I have to get up super early in the morning to drop off K at my dad's 
This view makes my morning so much brighter. =)

January 12th

Thursday this is all I wanted to do. This is the day my true funk started. I just wanted to 
curl up in the bed, cover my head and not worry, think, plan, or do anything, kinda like hibernating. I wanted the world to leave me alone. Am I over my funk? No, is it better yes. Maybe it's lack of being outside and the loss of my vitamin D, maybe it's the up and down gloomy weather,  who knows. But, I have a family to take care of so no hibernating for me . 


January 13th
Oh so sad. Apparently I didn't document anything on this day.. 
Ry had a poker night so I planed on staying at my parent's for awhile. Then had the brilliant idea to do K's birthday shopping while the kids stayed with my parent's. It worked out great. My dad cooked a great dinner and then home for bed. (thanks mom and dad for watching them)


January 14th
This has been one of the most productive weekends in a long time. I feel like I accomplished so much and finished some projects that I started. 

The girls are doing their first make it bake it.This is one of those projects that needed to be done. E got these for Christmas and has been asking to do them every weekend since. It was a nice moment when she shared one with K to do. They both started off really well but soon became very frustrated and hurried to finish. However, they both loved the way the turned out. 

We repainted K's room (she wanted a butterfly room) back during Thanksgiving break I believe, if not further back then that (maybe the last week of summer lol) I had really cute ideas for her room and it is slowly coming together. All the curtains were expensive and I didn't want to spend that much money on something that is bound to change again. This is an old tablecloth that I found at Thrift Town for $1.50 and some quilting squares that I found at Joann's for $1.50 and cut and sewed them up for some cute curtains. It's taken a couple months to get it all done (really could have done it in a couple hrs if I sat down and did it) BUT IT'S FINISHED and K loves them. 


January 15th

It's a Barbie day. The girls came to me early this morning and asked if I would get Barbie's clothes down (they were put up because I was tired of cleaning them up) that was about 11 this morning and when I came home from errands at about 5 this is what I saw. This is the longest they have played with these. I am sure they had moments (from the look of the playroom) that they went to something else but they had these Barbies, singing and dancing and dating Justin Bieber. =) I knew though that looking at this mess it was going to be a long clean up process. But, I just didn't have the heart to ask them to clean it up right then. Why interrupt good imagination time. 

Last but not least.. while I was out I stopped by 1/2 price books. I wanted to see if I could find at least one of the Little House books. I want to start reading them to the girls and while I am sure I will have to omit some parts or substitute some words it can't be worse then the Junie B Jones series (which I have outlawed in the house). So, much to my surprise they had a couple copies and then this. I pulled it out of the shelf thinking how much do I really want to pay for this.. Looked it over and realized that it was in color. The girls will love the pictures that much more. Of course I look at the sale price and see that it retail's for $40. ugh $20 I think never mind maybe just the first book. Then I actually pay attention to the price tag from 1/2 price. I couldn't believe it. I take it up to the register to pay, all the while knowing that It's got to be a mistake it can't be that, and ask the lady "is this book really just $7.99?" She says, ""Yes, we had to mark it down because of how trashed it is". I quickly shut my mouth pay and then say, "yes, the cover is torn pretty bad but if I take it off then I have an absolutely gorgeous book, and walk out of the store, singing in my head!" WHAT A GREAT FIND! 

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