Sunday, January 29, 2012

365 days 21-29

Weeelll, I have to say I was curious to see how long I could keep up the picture a day thing and this is it.. This is the week I just fell apart. It's not that I didn't like taking pictures every day I did, it's just that during the week we mostly do the same thing and drive the same way and see the same things. I am pretty sure you don't want to see the Liberty guys dancing for the billionth time or another beautiful sunrise/set. So for now I will spare you. Maybe if I wasn't so exhausted at the end of the day I will drive a different route home and find something worth while to take a picture of. We will see.. In the mean time I did take a few pics this week. Here they are. 

January 21, 2012 (sat)
Easy bake oven time! Sugar cookies and s'mores
January 22, 2012 (sun)
Impromptu movie day (no home brought snacks ;( )
Beauty and the Beast is still just a good as it was way back when

A horse ride

What to do with left over movie popcorn- feed the ducks
Watch out!! Don't let it poop on you!

Picked up shells

Let feathers go in the breeze

chased a few ducks


January 23, 2012 (mon)

Tea parties fit for a king and queen

January 24, 2012 (Tue)
This is a lacking day.. Nothing new or exciting happened, work, pick-up, dinner, bed 


January 25, 2012 (Wed)
Another lacking day. It was basically the same as the day above only we threw in church, to spice some things up. 
January 26, 2012 (Thur)
Yes! the skirt came in the mail. I am so excited!
Today I finished the putting the angry bird together and
sewed it on and fixed the skirt to make it smaller..

January 27, 2012 (Fri)
Daddy Daughter lunch

Mommy daughter lunch (yes at two different places)

The making of the Angry Birds for the big day

Late night run to Marble Slab.. yum


January 28, 2012 (Sat)

It's party day! 


January 29, 2012 (Sun)

Up early to play with new toys.. 
K's birthday day celebration is a trip to Sealife. 

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