Sunday, January 8, 2012

365 days-day 7&8

Yesterday we pretty much just hung around the house and played. My parents came over to watch the girls while R and I attended a friend's wedding in the worst part of Downtown we could have been in. =) However, it was a very pretty wedding.
January 7, 2012


This place is called Party off the grid and is the historic Dallas power and light substation. It's a cool building just needs to be relocated. 

Today was cleaning day. I wanted to start the week with a clean kitchen and I bought a new mop yesterday that I was dying to use. So we cleaned and then took a break and hit the park for some playtime while the weather is still decent. (expecting rain and a cold front this week )

January 8, 2012

 See this picture. See how it is fuzzy in the background. I so want to know how I do that.. So I started playing with my camera's setting. 
 Apparently I messed with the setting the wrong way. I still liked the way this turned out. 

 Again not right but cool looking

 This little puppy provided some great play. See those teeth he likes to chew at 2 months old. 
I always wonder why Pitts get bad reps and after seeing the kids that own this pup treat him.. I know a cute little pup that will be mean when he gets older. Sad, he was so much fun.
Look at that face.. After the kids slapped him in the head a couple of times, throw him down the slide and tease him I wanted to just scoop him up and bring him home. The girl told me his eyes were different colors because the goat milk they give him is different then his mamma's milk. Also, she said he had papers. K asked where she got him from and she replied.. "the lady at the flee market asked if we wanted a pitt puppy with papers". I just wonder what papers she has. lol

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