Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Christmas (before Thanksgiving)

Throughout the years, the seasons and holidays seem to increasingly become one. You can't' have Valentines Day without the visual of Easter, can't have Easter without seeing something about July 4th, and July 4th brings Christmas decorations. Pretty soon we will have this mega store and decorations for the holidays will be left up year round. I guess the weather person decided to have some fun with this as well. Seeing that we are into mid November and yesterday and this morning I could have worn shorts at 80 Degrees and after we got done with our fun today it was very very Chilly. I like to keep my holidays apart from each other and one tradition that we have is to put up Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Well this is all great and dandy if you don't use pictures on Christmas cards. Yes, it's that time again, time for the wonderful attempts at Christmas card photos. I thought about using Bella this year on our card but then realized that I would have my hands full with just E and K. So off we went today to find our Christmas Card spot. I had been given a heads up that Santa was at The Christmas Store... So the kids and I drove today to where I thought that the Christmas Store was at... humm no store.. Apparently my memory has failed and I use the lovely phone to pull up Decorator's Warehouse and get us there. YEA PHONE! THIS STORE IS CHRISTMAS HEAVEN! I have never been in there but been by it many times and the girls and I LOVED it. EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS! We did find Santa and were happy to find out that it was FREE and he LOVED CHILDREN! Glad I brought the real camera. I was leary about using the real camera in a store and not sure about how the people working would like me photographing their merchandise so I used my phone again but might have to go back to get some better quality pictures. We'll have to see. So even though it's not yet Thanksgiving, our visit to Santa is complete and hopefully our card is done.  

Our trip to the park

Trying to relieve the tension of picture taking

apparently I missed something.. 

concentrating hard not to fall off

one of my favorites.. too bad it's blurry

taking a time out for nature

hopefully the birds can have these berries. 

after 300 pics she was tired. 

and their off... this is how they spent majority of the park time

come on mom be DONE

another one of my favorites..

ring around the pole

playing peek a boo

life is GREAT!

our visit to Christmas land

you better watch out, you better not cry, ............he sees you when your sleeping.... 

K not sure about what Santa is telling her
Really taking it all in

our visit to Santa

Just enjoying the good time
E telling him what she wants

Santa's face says it all about E's wants... $$$$

Merry Christmas

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