Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rainy Saturday

I believe today is the first Saturday that we have stayed home (oops ran to walgreens 10 mins) all day most of the day. It was a rainy and ugly kind of day. I had a couple of things on the agenda that I thought we could do and it was a somewhat productive kinda day. I have found this recipe to make peppermint play dough though my love of pinterest and decided today would be the best day to make this. It started off suppose to look like this  but I soon decided that there would be no point in having the white as it all would be pink much to my dislike. So, we made red peppermint play dough.  Each child helped in the making of their play dough. I thought this would be like all other play dough play time and only last 10 mins but I thought thats 10 mins well worth it, and I could move onto my organizing of the art cabinets. I was wrong! They loved this play dough and spent about 30 mins playing then cleaned up and about 2 hrs later out it came again for about another 30 mins.

hard at work

making cookies

still playing

lots of rolling and banging going on
While the kiddos were highly occupied I started tackling the art cabinet. This is something that has needed to be done for awhile, but I open it up and close it again with this overwhelming feeling. I want it to look organized... you know the one where they have 50 of the same boxes with everything labeled and alphabetized. So I did the best I could with what I had and it turned out about as good as can be expected. However, while I was right smack in the middle with art stuff strewn all around me I hear this, "mommy can I come out with you?" In my head I am thinking "NO NO NO! What happened to the play dough time?" but my heart won out and I said sure put your shoes on.. (our art cabinets are in the garage) She comes out and her eyes get HUGE! I quickly said don't touch anything... lol yes while it's bad of me not to let her explore the art stuff I didn't need another mess to clean up just yet. So she sits and watches and questions everything I am doing.. Then I hear the door and "Mommy, are you and E out here" "yes babe" "Can I come out?" again in the head I am thinking "this is going to be ugly." but I say, " of course come on". So the three of us and our many art supplies are sitting in the garage area which really is about as big as a bathroom trying to get it organized. I guess I became boring pretty quick as they grab a box and the markers and start coloring.. Humm, "E what are ya'll making?" k answers "a boat" and they continue to make this boat. Also, because it was a sm box it became a boat for K and E got the laundry basket for her boat. 

    notice the bottles. Apparently people on the boats need telescopes. The bowls well that's the steering wheel. In the top pic you can hardly see it but that's a fish shaped bowl and E was moving it around K's boat before she decided she wanted her own.
After the boating and organizing was finished it was time for some more play dough fun, then dinner and family movie night of Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer. Also, at some point today E pulled another tooth so the tooth fairy gets to visit tonight.

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