Friday, November 11, 2011

Pumpkin seed

Back some time ago when we carved the pumpkins for Halloween we saved the seeds. I actually wanted to  dry them and color them and use them for projects, but nature beat me to them first. K and I noticed that the seeds were growing inside the plastic bag. Only the side that was on the counter was growing the top side was not. So moisture and darkness will make the seeds sprout.. Strange considering I thought that sunlight was part of the growing process. The girls really wanted to plant the seeds they have been asking forever. So I figured why not. It can't be the right season for planting these seeds, but we went though the process. I started off digging all the holes but soon realized that this hole digging thing was a long process. So then I got the hoe out and made 2 rows and the girls dropped their bag of about 70 seeds into the rows and we covered them back up. I am anxious to see what happens. .Will winter kill them off, will the grow and we have MANY MANY pumpkins.. Who knows.. But the girls are excited they have been planted. 

k waiting to plant

E waiting to plant

the pumpkins seeds are growing

the rows are ready

getting them all planted

even Bella helps plant

having a ball

hard at work

really getting into it

making sure every last pumpkin seed is planted

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