Tuesday, November 8, 2011


IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! FALL!!! I love fall. The weather is doing a nice change, the leaves are quickly turning red and yellow and then off the trees. It's mostly a calming season for me before the hecticness of WINTER comes. Don't get me wrong I like winter also, the bundling, the snow, Christmas, family time when schools on break. One of the things that I have done the last couple of years is take the kids to the Fall picture trees. We have this area where the trees (bushes) change to a nice red/orange/yellow color and I take their pics. I tried yesterday but apparently had camera issues, so we tried again today and I had kid issues (with one). I have decided that it's really not about getting that perfect shot that we all try to make its about the moment.. Yesterdays moment was great moods, todays moment was crying, laughing and making memories. Here are a couple of pics. 

The beginning 

Still not in the best of moods

ahh we are getting there

YES! We are back!

being a monkey
Pics from yesterday

E not really smiling

showing off the tree


Don't forget to vote

brain washing at an early age... 
good news is if we had a republican sign we could vote for them as well. 
One of the only pics from yesterday that turned out of E's  =(

What Obama's going to be President again. =)


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