Saturday, May 7, 2011

One of THOSE days!

Everyone has them, some more then others. Families with children have them a lot more then those without. It was just one of those days.  What made it so bad? Who knows.. Could it be getting up both girls  at 7:40 on a Saturday for t-ball and having them whine the entire time while getting ready. It might be. Could it be having to sit in the dugout while K cried on the field because she played the field 3 times and now it was time to go? Could be.. What made it worse it the fact that this is Mother's Day weekend, a time where it is suppose to be fun and glorious to be a mom. When all I did (or felt like) was scolding the kids, telling them to stop whining and taking a nap. We made Mother's day cards for Nana, Mawmaw and nanny but even the joy that is usually in art was missing. Something was/is wrong today. We NEVER take naps on saturdays now that the girls are older. Today the girls and I had a nice 2 1/2 hr nap. I thought maybe we would all wake up in better moods. =( Didn't happen... Tomorrow is a new day.. Mother's day- a day that is full of activities and family. Hopefully it will be a better day. 

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