Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today is/was Mother's Day. The girls and R gave me my presents on Friday night. Why you may ask, because E just couldn't hold it together anymore. She was bursting at the seems with excitement for me to open her present and K was following right behind. To start off though on Monday E was very stressed. Apparently they had been talking about Mother's day a lot at school and had put a lot of pressure on her to get me the perfect gift. I told her all I needed was a hug and for them to be good and it would be a great day. But apparently that wasn't good enough for her. The good news her school does a store where she can buy something for me. This worked out well. She got her money from R and went shopping. She came home on Wednesday and had this huge smile and told me she found me the perfect gift. Turns out she did a really great job on getting me this really cute bracelet that says best mom on it. (pic to follow later) K couldn't be outdone and Nana and Pawpaw took her up so she could do her shopping and she got me a cute heart shaped earring holder. R also did a good job and made me this cute little book with random pictures of me and the girls growing up. This will be going to work for those days that I need a little reminder of what's important. (not that I really forget but makes the day go faster knowing they are waiting on me to get home). So back to today.. E picks out a card and gives it to me today.. Of course she gets the one with the dog that has a leg that itches.. It did bring a smile to my face so I guess it did it's job.  This morning R wanted me to sleep in and was planning on getting up with the girls but I was wide awake so I just got up at  6:45 this morning.. Happy Mother's day.. So I cleaned and decluttered the kitchen and got things ready to go on our busy day. We had lunch with my mom, grandparents and uncle at my mom's house. side note* Mom, I love you with all my heart and not a day goes by that I don't learn or remember something that you tried to teach me back then ;) I am the mom I am today from learning from You. Thanks for everything you have done for me. Back on track, Dinner tonight was with R's side of the family. Everything was good and had a great mother's day..

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