Tuesday, April 24, 2012

E's first friend party (April 21)

This year E decided she wanted to have a friend party. We finally settled on where to have it and invited 8 friends from her class. By Friday I only had 2 that RSVPed. I was worried. Not because I wanted all these kids to show up but because I didn't want my baby's feelings to be hurt and her to be disappointed at her party. We decided to have it at River Legacy under the pavilion so we can grill hot dogs and they can play on the playground or run in the field or whatever they feel like doing. I didn't realize that you had to reserve the pavilion until Wednesday night and you have to do it a week in advance and I read online that the park is suppose be getting a new playground. ugh panic starts setting in. So finally Friday I was able to drive over and see what we were up against. Relief!! Nobody had the pavilion reserved for Saturday and if someone was there, there was plenty of tables and grills. EVERYTHING WOULD WORK OUT! We get up and get over there about 11:00 to get the tables and get set up. Finally at 12:30 her 2 friends showed up and everything was just great. She had a blast! One friend on each side and everybody got along! 

The flower cupcakes were for this party!

Even the butterflies attended

Everyone enjoying the juice

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