Tuesday, April 24, 2012

365 Days (day 69-74)

Yep, you thought I forgot about this. Well, I haven't I just haven't been as motivated to post lately. So I am going to play catch up. I don't have pictures from every day but I will give you an insight to what we have been up too. Enjoy!

Monday, March 19th (day 69)
Emma wanted to visit her art one last time

A storm is moving in!

Tuesday March 20 (day 70)
Our first strawberry off the plants! The girls were excited

Wednesday March 21 (day 71)
Still busy no pictures

Thursday March 22 (day 72)
Bella is now 3! Since we don't know her original birthday
we have chosen to celebrate the day we added her to the family.
She has been with us 1 yr now and has added lots of fun to the family. 

Yep even Bella gets a candle. 

Hope she made a wish!


looks like success!

Everyone gets to party

Cupcakes all around
Bella received a new bone, peanut butter lollipops and this
chicken that makes noise. She LOVES her chicken!

Friday March 24 (day 73)
NO pictures that I can post (only took pics of my school kids)

Saturday March 25 (day 74)

K and her teammate discussing how it should be

me taking on the coaching responsibilities and trying to
figure out how to position the girls. 

GET BACK! hurry

E playing soccer

K after the ball

running hard to get the ball

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