Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Madness

Our day started out with a early morning dress rehearsal for the Christmas program at church tomorrow. We then had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa who brought over this really cool Christmas book that they recorded themselves reading for the girls. After they left we tackled the rest of the leaves that the man from yesterday decided not to pick up.. (Here's a question... If the leaves are from your tree, since the neighbors don't have any trees, but are on the neighbors yard that is shared with you, do you leave them or pick them up? My thoughts pick them up they are from my tree. Apparently the guy R decided to have rake our yard decided the neighbors were responsible for them an left them. ) So anyways, our evening was spent, raking, playing, raking, playing, ,and cleaning.

ready set jump!


E getting a face of leaves

Remember the pumpkin seeds.. well they did actually grow
I am pretty sure they won't make it, but the kids were excited they
grew some pumpkin plants. We had some ugly much needed
rain for 3 days, and some really cold days and I am surprised
they looked this good. 

moving on to the backyard..They really wanted to jump some more

K hard at work

apparently they don't need many leaves to have fun.. Just wait

This is the face I get for adding leaves to the pile

YES! lots of leaves

Wheee (please don't land on a stick PLEASE)

oh no K has been eaten by the leaves


E hard at work doing what???

OHHHH ! This gives a whole new meaning to buried alive

Where's K?

And She's free!

E's turn at being buried



Apparently Bella has a problem with this

Bella trying to pull E out of the leaves. 

IT's raining leaves

K getting a shower

Lot's of Fun!

This is GREAT!

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