Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas (A little late)

As I have sat down now 4 times to write this blog I start and get up and find an avoidance task because I have no words to describe the wonderful chaos of Christmas. Christmas Eve we went to the kids and my church and it was ok. Not the usual Christmas service that I am use to the Christmas story was read in segments though out the service but his actual talk was not on the Christmas story. Kinda just felt weird. Then my parents came over for Christmas Eve and we had a light dinner and opened presents from them and to them before the real Chaos begins on Christmas Day. We finally got the kids down for Santa to come.  Christmas morning began at 7:30ish with E coming in the room to tell me We have NO MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS IT"S FINALLY HERE! LETS GO SEE SANTA! so we get up and wake up K and go see santa..

Please let it be what I want PLEASE...

It is it is

Santa brought a bird set and a bird house =)



Santa's big gifts

A jeep and a horse for the Our Generation dolls (otherwise known in this
house as American Girl dolls)
After Santa we played a little and got ready for the rest of the day. We went to my grandparents for lunch and presents with my aunt, uncle, cousins, Sis -in -law and her two kids, and my parents. All in all there are 4 kids, 11 adults.  After some time there we load everything up and head to my in-laws for dinner and more present fun. Here there is a little more chaos as there are 8 kids (12, 8, 2@6, 5, 3@4 yrs of age) and all their parents and some others. SO LOTS OF PEOPLE. As much driving as we do we are lucky enough to have all of our immediate family living in driving distance and get to spend Christmas with both of our families.  Here are a few pics to finish out Christmas.
The beginning of mommy and daddy gifts

the clothes face

yea a camera

and a stroller

the aftermath

My niece

Most of the gang..

E's stack

More (AG) stuff



Waiting patiently

K's bug gun

E's art box

a tired E

Happy for Science

trying to figure out how to play with this at grandma's and grandpa's

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