Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zoo Day

On Thursday spur of the moment I decided to take the girls to see the Zoo to see the baby boom of animals. Yes, it was hot but thankfully it was one of our cooler hotter days and wasn't too bad. The zoo itself was EMPTY of people and we could stand and watch whatever we wanted for as long as we wanted. So I called Mom up and off we went to find all the baby animals. The girls we looking forward to mostly seeing the new baby giraffe that was only 2 weeks old. However, when your standing out looking over all the giraffes it's hard to tell who the new one was. At 2 weeks old she is already 5 1/2 feet tall and weighs 115 lbs. She must have been sleeping somewhere where we couldn't see because all the giraffes that we found were over 5 1/2'. However, we did find lots more baby animals to make up for it.
K is as tall as the Emperor Penguin

The new baby elephant

Showing off or staying cool. lol

K's favorite. Baby warthogs born June 13

Looking at the lioness

E feeding the giraffe

Hey, can you break me outta here?

K feeding the giraffe

Leading the way

STOP taking pictures of me.. I am coming for you!

Watching the lion demonstration

High five

Look how big I am!

high five to the audience

E studying the male lions

How sweet.. 

K riding the tortoise

Tortoise talk

And the race is on...

Hey, That's my food I got here first

If I put my foot in here you can't have it.. 

Fine I guess we will share

we love the tortoise

This is an anteater. He is in a area of
 the zoo we don't visit much.. Kinda cool looking

Baby Lama

K and her snakes

She really loves these things.. =(

Petting zoo.. Apparently K's dress is yummy

Love at first sight

E wanted to bring one home.. Sure it's a new lawnmower. 

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