Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finishing out our terrific Tuesday!

After turning our plane into a stagecoach we loaded up the horsepower and headed to the West. We found some great parking for our horses and went to wait for the cattle to come to us. While there we also petted a police horse, petted the cowboys horses, got our sheriff badges, found a great Italian place for pizza and drinks, attempted the petting zoo, attempted to ride horses, rode a bull and got really really HOT! All in all we had a great Tuesday!
Petting the police horse

Getting ready

Waiting on the longhorns


Huh would have thought there to be more.. Oh well

E loves them

It's a real cowboy

something happened to his horn


K had a blast

Petting Texas Jr. 

Petting lil Hoss

Wow what a spur

Hang on E!

Future Bull riding champion???

This longhorn was posing for me. 

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