Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A terrific Tuesday

Today on our journey to finishing out summer I decided to get us up earlier and head over to the Botanical Gardens before it got to be 100 degrees and take our summer pictures, while there we made a quick stop and visited Japan and on the way home saw how the west was really done.  We got to the Gardens about 9 and by 10:45 we were hot and ready to move on.  We decided to take our journey over to Japan since the rates were so cheap to fly we got on the next flight. We didn't stay there long but enjoyed the time we have. By 11:00 it was time to turn the plane into a stagecoach and head to the west.(Please see next blog) 

                                                               Botanical Gardens
K had to have this spot

E and her posing
Sisterly love

a bug was approaching!



Visiting the bear cage. =) Actually and older man told me bears didn't live there . It was just sand. 

The famous Japan bridge

Looking at the koi

Our next Japanese building

Even Japan is hot-water break

What building is this?

E checking it out

K checking it out
K decided it's JAIL


some of Japan's critters

Stone jumping

K's turn at stone jumping. She was worried the koi would get her

It's a Japanesse bird- he actually caught a fish 

sneaking up on the bird

Our final stop

We love Japan!


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