Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4th

Today was about yard work. Since we got a new pool I want to make sure there wasn't any rocks, screws, nails, misc metal pieces (someone with a metal detector would have a blast), that would poke the new pool, so I raked and demetaltized the back area where the pool goes. But that is all later..

How do you know its summer? It's 9:45 and K
is still sound asleep

This is what K looks like when I get her up
and tell her to get dressed we have to leave
for E's 7yr check up. 

 We had E's Checkup, Lunch at Burger King and on to get the new pool.
Now the yard work beings at 2:00.
This is the stuff that I found while cleaning the
back section. This is after I denailed the yard yesterday
and filled a sm sauce pan with misc metal scraps

More water play

Time to cool off for awhile and do some school work

at 4:00 the girls played in the sand while
I started my next project

This has been bothering me since we 
have moved in. Finally I did something
about it. There are 16 flagstones that I moved and
then uncovered the ground and re-leveled it. 

After putting them all back I am quite
proud of myself. Only 1 sq still has a little
wobble. Today however, I am paying the 
price. My legs, stomach and back are all very 
sore. =( Time for more motrin!

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