Friday, June 8, 2012

Dallas Zoo #1

I decided to take the girls to the zoo today for 3 reasons. 1)They have been wanting to spend time together (E keeps asking why I have to work when we are out of school. I am working summer school) 2)The weather today was wonderful only 88! 3)I wanted to use my mother's day present of Zoo members.
Usually when we go to the zoo we ride Dart and it really threw the kids for a loop driving to the zoo and actually parking lol. I wanted to get there early(since I knew parking would be a thrill ) but managed to get there about 11. 2 hrs after it opened and we had to park with the buses in the back of the main lot. ugh First thought... quick get back in the car and lets go it's going to be packed, second thought.... who will start whining first about the walk? When all in all it was a great day and it wasn't too busy and the kids loved looking for the lizards on the the walk in to and from the zoo.

Grumpy K- we are not sitting where she thought 
she could see everything. She loved the seats 
when the show started.

My favorite bird-The toucan 

litter control

This bird flew right over our heads. This is the best 
shot I got. 

I love his determined look while in flight

This bird sang old macdonald

The girls taking in every word

K is doubting what they say is true-in fact during the 
show she leaned over to me and said Wild Kratts
said...... or that's not what Wild Kratts said. lol

They loved his hair

K's favorite bird

one of my favorite shots I think I am going to enter
this in their contest

lots of running and running and more running

the tiger

looks so peaceful-he actually just got done making 
a lot of racket

K insisted we see the Kangaroo's -she is on a winnie the
pooh kick right now and wanted to know which was
Kanga and which was roo.

E wanted to go in the Lorikeet place

they and I had a blast. We will have to stop back by here
next time we go

E is not so sure about the birds landing on us.. 
This one became my friend

and got a little fresh

all is good once I showed her what to do

I could have taken this guy home-although he
did bite kinda hard. I kept him so the girls wouldn't
get nipped. He liked people

I love this birds colors! E was worried about it going
to the bathroom on her. 

Checking out the Chameleon 

and the boa

this guy has the right idea

The Rhino

I finally caved and let them have their camel ride. 
They had a choice feed the giraffes or ride the camel. 

we were the last in line so the girls got a little longer
ride and a little trot. K's face tells me all I need to know. 
After they got off they told me that they can drink 30 gallons of water
at a time and they pee for 20 mins. What other questions did they
ask the zookeeper? lol

this is the little guy we waited 35 mins to see. Apparently
the koalas are not use to humidity and had to have a
humidifier put in to help them. 

isn't he sooooo cute. E wasn't impressed but K and I was!

Besides the Camel ride this is what E was running us
though the zoo to do. She wanted to ride the Monorail!
We have never ridden this so they were really excited!

this guys horns weigh 40lbs

the military uses the zebra as a learning tool for

taking it all in. I think this was the quietest she has
ever been

my favorite part. We got just wet enough to 
cool us off. 

The legend of the unicorn begins with this guy. From the 
side his horns blend to look like one. 

The chimp was watching us-probably planning his escape

a rest stop- with the lions

I am fascinated with them. Every aspect of them

E's hand with the lions paw

snoozing-even the flies didn't bother him

yep I was there also

giving me a high five 

look how sweet

Most of the animals in this part were napping by 3:30 and
there were very little people. So we had time to use
our imagination. K is taking us to find some 
lost animals to bring to the zoo. Apparently though we are
out of gas and there is a lion approaching(K's word) us. What 
do we do. Look it's the warthog. He was scare the lion. Little does 
she know he's going to be dinner. lol

how do you pet a giraffe without buying food. 
Stand next to someone who does. lol

Look at those teeth

this giraffe is the result of inbreeding lol See the 
tongue.. It just hangs out of his mouth all the time. =)

Giraffes in love

That's 1 long tongue. 

Last stop the elephants. The real ones weren't out
so we had to make do.. 

Hope you enjoyed our trip. 

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