Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Day

Since we are getting ready for our trip we are trying to find low cost/free things to do. Today I had some places to go to finish getting stuff and the girls complained that it wasn't fun. It wasn't their idea to do.. (their idea is usually the zoo, aquarium, ice skating, etc..) So, while driving around looking for a swimsuit, that is apparently out of season now;) we drove by the pond on Matlock. I made a quick right and soon started hearing, " mommy, your getting us lost again!" " Mommy, this isn't the right way" I keep driving and soon turn left, " mommy the street ends. Are you lost?" "No, I replied, Look out your window and down." " Mommy, (quickly changing my name), DUCKS!!! Can we feed them?" ask one, The other replies with, " We didn't get any bread!!". I continue to get out of the car open the back and surprise!! IT"S BREAD! So off we go in the 101 heat (index 107) and feed the ducks. Well most of the ducks didn't want to eat but the brim, pigeons, and turtle sure were hungry. We spent a good 20 mins chasing, relaxing and feeding the animals. Here are some pics from our day!.

These ducks approached us.. 

Then they decided they didn't like our bread.. 

or maybe they are spoiled.. 

here little ducky come get it..

Don't act like you don't want it... TAKE IT!!

What!! Come back we are not finished with you yet!

All lined up ready to jump. Did we cause this??

Duck flying over
Duck attacking something

Enjoying playing

our friend who loves bread and was very hungry

K thought this was hysterical. 

K watching the ducks dive

E. Watching the ducks

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