Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ice cube Painting

Yes, More painting.. I said we LOVE to paint. I feel it allows the girls to express their feelings and to create whatever their mind maybe thinking without much input and direction from me. For those hot summer days (which we are having in spring lol) This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and have a little fun.. This does get Messy, which is why we are in swim suits and ready to get in the pool after. And this does take a little pre planning.

Ice cube painting is just that.. Ice cubes.
1. Get an Ice tray
2. Drop in a couple drops of tempera paint
3. Add some water
4. Mix well
5. Cover with saran wrap
6. Stick in popsicle sticks
7. Place in freeze and let freeze
8. Take paint out
9. Have fun painting on your paper.

When I made mine I couldn't get my popsicle sticks to stand straight up with the saran wrap as dir. said so I left out the step about the wrap and just stuck my sticks in. They were crooked but the girls didn't care and they still worked. Also, some other directions said you can use food coloring but I was worried about the food coloring not coming off the kids and off the concrete.

Girls getting started on the masterpiece -Bella supervising

Still going-ice cubes are starting to melt -Bella apparently wants to help with her  ball. 

E is really enjoying the splattering-K like to make imaginary things. (this is a dragon with wings)

Their finished masterpiece. I cut each section out and had 2 11x14 frames and framed them. They look amazing.

I think the next thing I will do is make reg. ice cubes add some drops of paint on the paper and let them mix it that way. 

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