Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally summer break

Today was the first friday of my summer break. For the month of June I am working summer school Mon-Thur and have Friday's off to chill for Monday again. I have met the kiddos I will be working with next school year and so far they are a lot of fun. They seem very young (one is still 4) and full of energy but they are very trusting. Yesterday I got the first true smile from one of them and it made the day so worth it. I came home and realized this is why I do the job that I do. To give these children a chance at having a "normal" education in a "normal" classroom setting, so that when they get older they can go out into the world and be a CEO of some big company or maybe the president of the United States.

So anyways, our dog Bella has either entered the terrible 2 phase or isn't getting the attention she deserves or a little bit of both. This morning the kids and I loaded her up and took her for her first walk at River Legacy. She was a bit crazy at the start but soon settled in to smelling everything around her. We had walked 2 mi. and turned to head back (I think it was already about 90 degrees) when this biker stopped us and said about 100 feet up there were a copperhead on the path.. If you know me you know I have this HUGE fear of snakes, even the grass ones, and the mention of a deadly snake wanted to make me find another way out and let the snake be. However, 1 way in and 1 way out. We had to go by the spot. So we watch everything very closely, considering I had no clue what I copperhead even looked like.  Finally I see people approaching and I ask them if they had seen the snake and they said no nothing.. LIARS!!! So, going on their word, the kids, Bella and I start walking at a faster pace when low and behold there is this SNAKE curled up with it's head sticking up right in the middle of MY path. So I rope Bella in and warn the people coming at us (they had 2 smaller dogs) and get the girls and start to Move back to let the other people go around and then we would take their path.. Wouldn't you know it Bella decided she wanted to show the little dogs whose boss and started acting up.. So I am sure it was very comical to those watching me keep Bella from stepping on the snake and not getting her head out of the collar, getting the girls around the snake, and making sure I don't have my back to it.. lol Finally we are on our way again when we  get to the path (though the woods) that we took to get to the path we were on. K wanted to go back the exact way we took to get there.. I was still a little upset about the snake issue wanted to stay on the path where things didn't quite blend in.. but I said ok we are hot lets go.. No sooner then we started on that path then a longer grass snake crossed in front of us.. Talk about fast moving I got us back on the concrete path and we high tailed it back to the car where another snake (assuming grass it was a dark green or black and skinny) was waiting for us. I gave us all a drink (bella too) and loaded us up to head to the pet store. I had had ENOUGH of the snake thing for the day.

So the rest of the day was spent getting some new dog appropriate chewing toys, groceries and swimming.

Here is a pic of what the snake looked like pretty much identical to this. (no I didn't take one, I didn't have enough time lol) young copperhead

Now here are some fun pics of swimming today. 
Sisterly love
K has learned to back float

trying to float together

watch mom I can smile and float

My girls




Funny face time

K's funny face

E's funny face again

E's happy face

Silly girl

can't be outdone 


Splashing fun

Trying to not get mommy wet again.. Ya right

Practicing diving

trying to get it right.. at the same time

Raccoon face

K visualizing before her big jump?

haha E's attitude has surfaced. 


Bella taking it all in.


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